PhysicsMaster Pro – Basic Physics v3.2 Basic physics formulas application with explanations and calculator for Android
The purchased version of the program with all the features and capabilities

Physics is the science of studying the properties of nature and is known as one of the most basic sciences along with mathematics and philosophy. This science is generally known as the science of matter and its movement and behavior in space and time. It can be anything from subatomic particles to galaxies and very large celestial bodies. Physics uses concepts such as energy, force, mass, electric charge, electric current, electric field, electromagnetism, space, time, atoms, and optics. More broadly, the main purpose of physics is to study and analyze nature, and it always seeks to understand and predict the behavior of nature in a variety of contexts. By studying physical phenomena, we not only become acquainted with a wide range of facts, but also discover the laws that follow these phenomena, thus enabling us to exercise control over them. In fact, nothing can be made in the world without knowing physics. All industries depend on these sciences and that is why physics is taught in all schools of the world. If you are interested in this field, or you are studying and dealing with physics, the application that we are introducing today ‌ will probably be effective for you.PhysicsMaster Pro – Basic Physics is an application for teaching basic physics with formulas and physical calculators for the Android operating system, developed by the Carlo Terracciano software group and published for $ 1.99 on Google Play. Using this program, you can have all the physics formulas with complete explanations for each topic. Also, having a physical calculator can help you get rid of embedding in formulas.

Some features and capabilities of  PhysicsMaster Pro – Basic Physics Android application :

  • Basic values
  • Derived values
  • Scalable sizes
  • Vector sizes
  • Measurements and errors
  • Systematic and random errors
  • Random errors
  • Familiarity with cinematics
  • Medium and instantaneous speed
  • Medium and instantaneous acceleration
  • Smooth uniform motion
  • Introduction to the principles of dynamics
  • The first principle of dynamics
  • The second principle of dynamics
  • The third principle of dynamics
  • Introduction of forces
  • the balance
  • Bullet movement
  • Friction forces
  • Weight-power
  • Apparent forces
  • The force of a force
  • the power
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential energy
  • Kepler’s rules
  • The law of universal gravitation
  • Density
  • Pressure
  • Introduction: Thermodynamics
  • Temperature and heat – heat loss
  • Full gas
  • Change in the state of matter
  • Principles of thermodynamics
  • Wave
  • Types of waves
  • Periodic wave
  • Sound wave
  • Doppler effect
  • Introduction – Optics
  • the light
  • Reflection and refraction
  • Lenses
  • Electric charge
  • Maintain electrical charge
  • Conductive and insulating
  • Columb Law
  • Dielectric constant
  • Electric field
  • electricity flow
  • electrical resistance
  • Ohm’s rules
  • electrical circuit
  • Electromagnetic waves

Application PhysicsMaster Pro – Basic Physics is a great app for all those who dealt with physics and formulas need to source complete all discussions and have them always on your side. PhysicsMaster Pro has recently been released on Google Play for money, so that you dear ones can now download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


PhysicsMaster Pro - Basic Physics