Pics v1.2.0 – Special and beautiful Android wallpaper application,
purchased and complete version of the program for $ 1.99

Imagine there were no wallpapers! In this case, when turning on the screen and entering the smartphone menu, there was no charm on the screen. Wallpapers are definitely a way to enliven the screen of smart devices; The use of a beautiful wallpaper not only prevents the monotony of the screen but also makes the user more eager for continuous use. As we mentioned in previous posts, there are several ways to access wallpapers, many of which have limitations. One of these problems and limitations is the low quality of the photos; In such a way that the maximum ability of the screen is not used and the user feels non-uniform colors. On the other hand, in the software available in the Android Market, many images have been collected from the Internet, which indicates that they are old and exist in various apps.PicsTitle is a special and beautiful wallpaper application that was developed by deapps studio and published on Google Play. As we mentioned, the biggest difference between this software and other similar tools is in its dedicated wallpapers; In such a way that the development team has designed each of them with high accuracy and provided them to you. The colors used in the wallpapers are very dynamic and attractive, which helps the display to show its capabilities. All the images in this startup are in 5 different categories, which you can access according to your personal taste. To use the wallpapers, just touch the download button and save the image in your device memory to select it as a background image. Wallpapers are compatible with a variety of monitors and there will be no problem in setting them.

Some features and capabilities of Android Pics app:

  • Access to a special collection of Android wallpapers
  • Exclusive design of wallpapers by the developer studio
  • Extremely high quality images in this collection
  • Categorize all wallpapers in 5 different groups
  • Ability to download wallpapers with maximum quality and share it with your friends
  • Regular updates to get new wallpapers

The Pics app has been released by its developer on Google Play for $ 1.99 with the benefit of its own set of custom wallpapers, and you can now download the latest paid version without any restrictions on access to features from the server. Download high speed Usroid website .