PICTAIL – BlueHawaii v1.5.6.1 – BlueHawaii version of the Android Pictile Camera app
Purchased and complete version for $ 1.99 for the first time in Iran

PICTAIL – BlueHawaii is the BlueHawaii version of the popular Pictil camera, which was developed by JP-brothers, Inc. and published on Google Play. Camera software is one of the main factors affecting the quality of images or videos recorded through smartphones. With the help of these startups, we can capture amazing moments or double their beauty like a DSLR camera. However, if you look at the Android Market, you will see a variety of apps in this area; Programs, each of which gives you some special features. One of these applications can be considered PICTAIL! However, it should be noted that the Pictil camera is not limited to one version, but it can be considered a complete series of camera apps, the main difference is in the filters provided. As the title suggests, in this post we are going to provide you with the Blue Hawaii version. As mentioned in the description above, the main difference between the PICTAIL – BlueHawaii program and its other brothers is the filters that are provided to you. In this version of Pictil, we see wonderful filters for summer and beach photography that multiply the sense of vitality of the photos. So if you are also interested in photography in this season, do not miss this post and stay with us.

Special filters with PICTAIL – BlueHawaii

As we have mentioned many times, having a camera app can have a tremendous impact on your photography results. You can see these results quite clearly in PICTAIL – BlueHawaii software. One of the reasons for the popularity of the Blue Hawaii version of the Pictil program is the filters that are provided to users. Filters that allow you to multiply the beauty of your images. More than 10 different filters in the mentioned style are provided to you, there are no restrictions for using any of them, or you can even change the intensity of their impact on the images.

Ability to record video along with photography

If you pay a little attention, in many camera applications, users are only able to capture images! This is an issue that in some cases bothers the users of the world’s leading startups. However, with the help of PICTAIL – BlueHawaii program and its attractive filters, you can not only take photos, but also be able to record videos without any restrictions. It does not matter if you use a front-facing camera or are interested in shooting and filming with a rear-view camera. Everything you need to capture memorable moments will be provided to you.

A set of diverse facilities

Like any other developer, JP-brothers, Inc. strives in its software to create the best experience for you dear ones. For this reason, in PICTAIL – BlueHawaii startup, you will have access to various facilities and features. For example, you will be able to change the brightness of the screen or set the desired aspect ratio for capturing photos according to your goals. Dear ones, not only are you able to apply the filters to the images in real time, but after installation, you can select the images from your smartphone gallery and apply a Hawaiian Blue filter on it.

Some features and capabilities of PICTAIL – BlueHawaii Android application:

  • Access to a variety of BlueHawaii style filters
  • Ability to adjust the intensity of filters according to your needs
  • Apply filters to images in real time or after shooting
  • Select filters and start shooting at the same time
  • Supports different aspect ratios for different social networks
  • Built-in timer for fully automatic shooting
  • Option to add location information to recorded images
  • Select a folder to store images or recorded videos

PICTAIL – BlueHawaii application with various features and capabilities by its developer for $ 1.99 published on Google Play and received a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest purchased version of this smart app without any restrictions from the huge database of Usroid website .