Pill Reminder (Pro) v1.0.1 – Android drug simple reminder application,
purchased version for $ 0.99, presented to you dear ones
, introduced and introduced for the first time in Iran

Everyone needs medication to recover from illness, and you know that prescribed medications affect the body when they can be taken at the time prescribed by your doctor. Sometimes it happens to all of us that due to mental distractions we can not take our drugs at a certain time, and this causes us to not be able to achieve full recovery in a short time, and this is where it is necessary to have a tool to remind us of taking drugs. It makes sense! Pill Reminder (Pro)Title is a very useful application for reminding to take drugs, which was developed by Spyzar Studios for Android and published in the big market of Google Play. This software helps its users to activate certain reminders to consume their tablets correctly and at a specific time so that they can achieve an acceptable result in the shortest possible time. There is no need to create daily reminders for each of your medications, and everything will be notified automatically at a specific time interval just by activating the repeat function. In addition to activating the alarm sound, you will be able to send text messages or make calls to remind you to take medication.

Some features and capabilities of Pill Reminder (Pro) Android application:

  • Create smart reminders in an integrated and beautiful environment
  • Set reminders daily and weekly without any problems
  • Reminders by dialing and texting
  • Access the option to professionally edit your reminders
  • View list of upcoming medications
  • Postpone reminders for use at another time

Application Pill Reminder (Pro) with a set of specific capabilities and unique at a price of $ 0.99 at the supermarket giant Google is published, note that this application has Active have to get it from the website Big Usroid of Undoubtedly, you will be one of the newest users in Iran and the world.

Version v1.0.1 changes:

* Release the initial version of the app on Google Play.


Pill Reminder (Pro)