Pinball Fantastic – Pinball Fantastic is the latest version of the famous game ” Pinball ” on the computer, which surely everyone had many memories with this game in the Windows version. This game is from Lamestar games gaming studio, which is available on Google Play for tablets and Android devices for $ 0.99It has been published and is in the category of action games, and today we intend to introduce the full and purchased version of this game in the presence of you, our constant companions, to bring you joy again! Although this game is in the category of action games, but at the same time, like the rest of the games in this category, it will not have any bloodshed and violence, and it has a very simple and intimate environment. In Pinball Fantastic, unlike the old version in Windows, there are different maps to add to its appeal and multiply your satisfaction with this game. The gameplay is very simple; By touching both sides of the screen of your Android device, you can move the handles in the game to prevent the ball from passing into the hole and as much as you can prevent the ball from passing and put the ball in the scoring paths. Put, you will earn more points.

Some features of the popular and attractive Pinball Fantastic Android game:

  • Convenient and easy control of the game with two fingers
  • Suitable and attractive for all ages
  • Having lovely and simple graphics
  • Having 4 different pitches to play
  • 11 beautiful and pleasant music for games
  • Hard game for beginners and easy for professionals

Pinball Fantastic game is the latest Android version of the popular pinball fantasy game, which has received a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play Android users, and you can first see the pictures and video gameplay of the game, and then, if you wish, the full version. Purchased, download it for free and completely directly from Usroid high-speed servers . This game, like other games on the site, has been tested by us and run without the need for the Internet.

Version v2.9.1 changes:

* Solve the problem of game graphics on larger screens
* Clear the ball on the playing field
* Added Foliage to Dino Mountain
* Change Volcano Collider and more ease in falling into the ball
* Improved game animation


Pinball Fantastic