Pip and Pit v1.0.4 Mod – Action Game – Pete’s Adventure for Android is
a regular version of Mod (Unlimited Coin)
offline game

Pip and Pit is a new and fun game in the style of action-platformer games with pixel graphics from Gongulus game development studio for Android devices , which was released for $ 2.99 in the Google market and, as usual, for the first time in US. We have introduced it to you, the fans of action and platformer games, and Android 2D! In this game, you play the role of the main character of the game, namely Pip; A person who has been mysteriously abandoned in a black hole and now has to do various missions to get rid of this place! You have the task of controlling and guiding the Pip, the Pip control is done by you using the touch buttons embedded on both sides of the screen, with the touch buttons on the left side of the screen to move to one of the two sides and With the help of the touch buttons embedded in the right side of the screen, in addition to jumping, throw arrows at the enemies or destroy them with a sword so that you can clear the way to the next steps! If you are a fan of old and old Android platform games Be sure that the new game Pip and Pit will attract your attention with its good construction and will nail you to the phone for hours!

Some features of Pip and Pit Android action game:

  • Includes 20 adventure levels
  • 2 different employers to eliminate
  • Different enemies: zombies, skeletons, ghosts and so on
  • Great soundtrack by Kevin McLeod
  • Many secrets are hidden at every level
  • Availability of various weapons
  • Great story with an amazing ending
  • Good design and touch controllers

Game Pip and Pit now on Play Store has 4.8 points from the 5.0 that we Usroid its first edition with whats your presence Dvstdran action games have introduced both by us on Android devices LG G3 Android 5 tested And it runs offline, in the mod version you have an unlimited number of coins, but in the regular version you have to collect coins with your own efforts!

Modifications to version v1.0.4:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.


Pip and Pit Android Games