PIPE HEAD STORY v0.782 + Mod – Exciting Action Game “Pipe Head Story” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Items do not decrease) separately
Tested by running offline

PIPE HEAD STORY – داستان پایپ هد is the second official game from the Russian studio Linked Squad, the creator of the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE, which is made and designed in a similar style to action titles. Usroid has introduced and released another action game, along with its latest version and a separate mod version. Linked Squad is an active game development company in the field of horror-based action games. The studio’s previous game, METEL HORROR ESCAPE, was also made in a similar style, and now we are witnessing the release of another game in the same genre from this studio after about a year. The action game that we intend to introduce in this Usroid article is actually a horror and fantasy story game. The style and design of this game, like METEL HORROR ESCAPE, is a first-person shooter game. Usually, in most similar horror first-person shooter games, players are less equipped with weapons and defensive items, or in many cases, have no weapons at all and just have to escape. However, in PIPE HEAD STORY, this is not the case, and you can defend yourself by finding weapons and ammunition.




The story of the game PIPE HEAD STORY is related to your dangerous mission to save a hunter in a prohibited area. According to the story, you are a patrol officer around the prohibited area, which has been quarantined due to the spread of radioactive materials and dangerous radiation. One day, while you are moving around the vicinity of this area, you receive a wireless request for help. This request has been sent by an unknown Stalker hunter. He says he is stuck in a place in this area where there is neither enough air nor enough light, and worse still, scary and weird monsters come and go around it. You decide to go to this area to help this person by visiting it. You must take your weapon and go to the quarantined and prohibited area. The monsters in this area have mutated into creatures due to radioactive radiation, and their boss is a strange creature with a pipe on his head, which is why he is called Pipe Head. Your task in the game PIPE HEAD STORY is to wander around this abandoned area and escape from dangerous monsters. You must find clues and footprints to find a way to reach the hunter and save him quickly, but on the condition that you can also survive the many dangers that threaten you! The game PIPE HEAD STORY has an exciting and action-packed structure, and its scary process has made it an exciting title. To experience this exciting game, you can go to the download box section of Usroid now and download this game for free from the site’s direct links.