Pirates Outlaws v3.30 + Mod – Pirate breaking card game for Android with a regular version trailer
paid for $ 1 + mod version (very high gold) individually
tested with offline performance

Pirates Outlaws is the name of a fun card game genre. Pirates of the Caribbean was developed by Hong Kong studio Fabled Game and is available for $ 1 on Google Play. In this card game, the whole of which is followed by tactical strategies, you will travel to the fascinating and exciting world of Atlantic pirates and you will play this game and follow its story. In this gameYou need to build and develop your own card deck. You can choose one of the different characters, each with its own characteristics, and compete with others with the chosen character to collect points and gold and develop your ship. The general style of Pirates Outlaws game is in the form of card beads and the process is done in turn-based or turn movement. You have to move your bead or character in one go and do what you think is most beneficial for you. Travel to different parts of the ocean, you can find dozens of different items, gold and lost treasures, and with your achievements, you can prepare or upgrade weapons and ammunition. In the combat section, you will need to use your strategic powers. Otherwise your enemies will easily destroy you. With a map, you can explore the various places you can travel to and explore these fascinating items and cards, as well as more adventures! Create your own deck of cards and become the biggest pirate in the ocean by overcoming enemies!

Some features of Pirates Outlaws Android card game:

  • There are more than 50 different pirates
  • Existence of dangerous enemies including 20 powerful and stubborn bosses
  • Turn-based style or turn-based game
  • Simple and two-dimensional cartoon designs
  • Ability to choose from 7 different characters with unique features
  • Ability to create, edit and customize workgroups
  • It has 3 main chapters in the step section
  • Ability to discover more than 250 cards and more than 80 ancient and antique items
  • Ability to travel to different places and use the map to find accessible areas

Game Pirates Outlaws or the pirates outlaws although the style is simple, but the experience for fans of strategy games and card is recommended. This game has 3 main parts with different degrees of difficulty. In these three sections, you will travel to different seas by your own ship and experience many adventures. Pirates Outlaws game with more than 10 thousand downloads on Google Play managed to get a good score of 4.4 out of 5.0 . Also, as we said before, this game is available for $ 1. Usroid has prepared the latest update of the paid version of this beautiful game in two types, normal and modded (very much gold) and tested for you dear ones. You can download these two versions from Usroid high-speed servers after viewing the game images and video trailer.

Version v3.30 changes:

* Game fixes + new features


Pirates Outlaws