PIT STOP RACING: MANAGER v1.5.1 + Mod – Management game “Pit Stop Racing” Android + trailer
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

PIT STOP RACING: MANAGER – PIT STOP Racing is an interesting and different game in the style of management games from the category of racing games that is supposed to simulate the experience of managing and coaching car racing on Pit Stop tracks. Pit Stop races are car races on circular tracks (NASCAR races) held by light and reinforced cars. The main feature of this competition is the fast and famous tire changes by the crew and technical team for each car. You must have seen examples of these competitions over and over again in sports events, movies, animations or other games. Famous Cars animationIt is one of the examples where the races were held on these tracks. In PIT STOP RACING, you are not going to take control of the car directly; Rather, your main task is to manage the situation for your team driver. You need to check out the car items and manage them well. For example, you can instruct the driver to use the nitro acceleration system when you feel comfortable. Of course, such instructions cause the tires to wear quickly and reduce their durability. So you have to have a precise schedule to bring the car to the relevant section and change the tires.




Game PIT STOP RACING: MANAGERIt has a training section at the beginning of the game where you can get acquainted with the style and context of the game. This game has a very evolved part for upgrading and managing cars. You can use all kinds of car interior items and tune, optimize and strengthen it. You can earn points and money by participating in free competitions or tournaments and winning gold, silver or bronze medals. With this money, you will be able to buy any of the items you can buy and put them on your car. You can also buy better cars by raising money! Leaving aside these discussions, it should be said about the game’s graphics that the fully three-dimensional designs of PIT STOP RACING: MANAGER are one of its positive points. These designs, along with the 60fps graphics, make the game a smooth experience and a high-level gameplay for you.Download Usroid . The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.5.1:

* Added free coin code submission system
* Fixed minor bugs