Pix Material You Icon 7.3 – Pix Icon Pack for Android
Paid version – Purchased for $1.99

One of the problems that enthusiasts of icon packs sometimes face is the inconsistency of icons with the background image. Therefore, developers of this type of startup are trying to provide you with special background images alongside the presented symbols, but many users are picky and cannot accept the use of these wallpapers! Pix Material You Icon is a linear adaptive icon pack for Android developed by PashaPuma Design and published on Google Play. In this package, you have access to an infinite collection of icons, created with very high detail and the designer has tried to use the best colors in them. The main base of these icons is linear design, which we see other examples of in the Android Market – Google Play Store today. But what is the developer’s goal in creating these symbols?! One of the most important points about the icons in this package is their material you style. We can say that we have not seen such an icon pack so far! From Android 8 to 11, you can make the most of the available icons and give a special effect to your Android display by activating them. But you will see the differences in this package with other similar apps when your smartphone is running on Android 12. In Android 12, we see adaptive icons! Icons that automatically change their background color according to the available wallpaper and match themselves with your favorite wallpaper. This means that no matter what background image you use, the icon background color changes quickly. However, the developer has provided you with several different background images that you can use to make the most of them and not install any third-party apps in this regard. Alongside icons and background images, several different themes for widgets have also been considered, making the use of this icon pack even more enjoyable for its fans.

Some features and capabilities of the Pix Material You Icon Android app:

  • Access to thousands of attractive linear icons
  • Design icons in the popular Material You style
  • Matching icon backgrounds with the Android 12 wallpaper
  • A collection of widget themes for further UI customization
  • Several custom-designed background images by the developer
  • Regular updates for access to new icons

The Pix Material You Icon app, with its special and popular features, has been released by its developer on Google Play for $1.99 and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users. You can download the latest purchased version of this app for free from the high-speed servers of the Usroid website.


Pix Material You Icons