PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND is a new, entertaining and popular game in the style of action -survival games from Azur Interactive Games Limited for Android, which is available for free on Google Play and, as always, for the first time in Iran.Comes with a mode with unlimited money to download and in front of you! By installing PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND on your Android device, you can experience an interesting action game with very beautiful 3D graphics in the style of a square, in which you must take part in a great battle against other users in a metropolis! Jump out of the plane with an umbrella, get to a place of refuge, open fire on your enemies from there, and after killing them, loot their property and try to become the most powerful player! Beware of places that are not too large, as they are more likely to be damaged and targeted! You can use rifles such as AK, pistol, shotgun and و and destroy rivals one after another! Eventually someone in PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND will be the last person left in the game!




Games PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND To date, approximately 5 million times by Android users worldwide have downloaded and Amnyaz Good 4.4 5.0 gain. You can first view images and video of PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND gameplay, and finally, if you wish, you can download it with one click from Usroid high-speed servers . Finally, both the original version and the game mode can be installed and run on all devices without any problems.

Note: In the mod version, instead of decreasing money, it increases.

Changes in version V1.53.00:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.