Pixly Fluo 3D – Icon Pack v2.5.6 – Beautiful and full HD Android Icon Pack application
Purchased and complete version of the program for $ 1.99

Pixly Fluo 3D – Icon Pack is a beautiful full HD icon pack developed by Cris87 and published on Google Play. One of the most important features that the Android operating system provides to its users through its Linux kernel is the ability to customize the user interface. Manufacturers of Android smartphones try to provide their devices with a flawless user interface when released, but in many cases, however, users do not like their environment and try to make the desired changes. Create themselves in them. There are several different ways to customize the screen available to users, one of the best of which is to change the icons. Icon Pack Pixly Fluo 3D – Icon Pack is one of the best options available for changing symbols. The first thing that catches your attention after installation is the high quality of the icons, so that they are in full HD quality and each of them has a unique design. The developer has tried to create his designs in 3D and multiply the attractiveness of the screen. More than 4450 icons are embedded in the heart of this software, which cover 4400 programs. The three-step processing system ensures that if you use these icons, your smart device will not slow down and execute commands quickly. In addition to the available icons, the developer has tried to offer custom wallpapers; Wallpapers that are very compatible with these icons.

Some features and capabilities of Pixly Fluo 3D – Icon Pack Android app:

  • A collection of 4450 super quality icons
  • Support for 4400 different software to make changes to their symbols
  • Fully proprietary designs with three-step processing
  • Use dedicated wallpapers and compatible with icons
  • Option to send a request to create the icon of your favorite software
  • Constant updates to access new icons
  • Supports a variety of popular and new Android launchers!

The Pixly Fluo 3D – Icon Pack app with a collection of beautiful and wonderful icons has been released by its developer on Google Play for $ 1.99. Note that this icon does not have a pack for sale and by receiving it from Usroid website, you will undoubtedly be one of its first users in Iran and the world. This icon pack is introduced at your request.


Pixly Fluo 3D - Icon Pack