Pixtica v2021.29 [Premium] – Professional and attractive Android camera application!
Premium and full version worth $ 9.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the most important reasons why some people are drawn to smartphones is their cameras. These cameras have a variety of features to help you capture great images like professional photographers! One of the most important factors that make the recorded images have a pleasant appeal is the camera app, which gives a special effect to the photos. Pixtica Premium Title is a professional and attractive camera application developed by Perraco Labs and published on Google Play. This software will allow users to take advantage of the camera’s maximum hardware power and capture unique images by taking advantage of various capabilities. There are several notable features available to novice or professional users that live filters are one of the best; In this case, there is no need to make time-consuming edits and photos are captured at the moment with fantastic filters. Several parts of the available settings can be adjusted manually, which conveys the feeling of using a super professional camera to your loved ones. It is better not to miss this unique software and to read it, follow us.

Some features and capabilities of Pixtica Android application:

  • Capture very high quality images
  • Fantastic live filters to increase the popularity of images
  • Several different options with the possibility of changing manually
  • Create beautiful gifs in various modes
  • Capture images in panorama mode (360 degrees)
  • Ability to create time lapse videos
  • Making slow motion videos
  • Create Tiny Planet photos thanks to the advanced Stereographic Pixtica projection algorithm
  • Make changes to images you have captured in the past

Pixtica application has been released on Google Play for free with an in-network payment of $ 9.99 with the benefit of a set of wonderful and interesting features, which you can now download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions. Get the popular Usroid website . As mentioned, this program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.

Changes in version v2021.29:

* Improved app capabilities


Pixtica Premium