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Photography is one of the most popular activities in the world; Contrary to many people’s beliefs, professional photographers specialize in a variety of fields that can be used to capture great images. It is not possible for all of us to learn this information, and we cannot learn it in a short time. So some smart tools can help us along the way. Plan! for Photographers Pro The title of a professional photography tool application developed by PlanIt Photo Inc for Android and published on Google Play. Using various capabilities, this software allows photography enthusiasts in nature, landscapes, time lapse and تا to obtain various information about their location and time and take special photos according to them. Deliver. A variety of technologies have been used in this startup, the most important of which is the simulated viewfinder, which helps you visualize the image and background of your images before you start shooting. With the above app, you will never have a problem with too much or too little light, and depending on your location, you will know what time it is best to take pictures. At any time, the path of the sun or the moon can be detected, and the most professional photographers use these two factors to record unique works.


Plan!  for Photographers Pro


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