Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering v11.9 – Android Plant Care Smart Assistant app
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Plant Care Reminder – Plant WateringIs the title of an intelligent plant care assistant application developed by Aleksei Turbin and published on Google Play. Flowers and plants not only play an important role in our lives; But we are also very interested in taking care of them. Yet one of the problems we humans sometimes face; Insufficient growth of flowers or their wilting after a short time. One of the points that flower and plant enthusiasts should pay attention to is the storage conditions of the flowers. Each flower or plant has a special condition for storage; In addition, it must be able to be irrigated at the right time. Although you have a regular schedule for watering and caring for your plants, you may at times forget about the activities required. This issue has become an excuse to decide to introduce a great startup in this post.

Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering A virtual flower and plant care assistant

Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering software is one of the best options available for caring for flowers and plants. In a way, this startup can be considered a special reminder for those who are very interested in apartment flowers. After installing and entering the program environment, first a guide will help you to learn how to work with this software. Then you need to create a custom profile for the flower or plant you keep. To create a profile, a set of different plant icons is available to you dear ones. However, we should mention that in the absence of the flower icons you want, you can select a photo of your choice from your smartphone gallery. The most important reminders are the number of irrigation times, the number of sprays, the amount of fertilizer and..

Receive complete maintenance reports

Unlike many similar programs available in Android markets, Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering software offers a variety of features to its users, one of which is to provide detailed reports on how you care for your plants. . It is up to you to set the report format and you will be able to change it easily. Another feature that is very useful is the possibility of backing up all the registered information. Before any problems occur for your device, first create a backup copy of the registered information so that after reinstalling the program, you can restore your previous information. Retrieve.

A suitable option for Persian speakers

One of the features that made this software available to you dear ones is its support for the sweet Persian language. As we mentioned in the above description, various apps are available in this field, but many of them are offered with only one language, which makes it difficult for Persian speakers. But in the startup Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering, after installing and entering the program environment, it is enough to go to the settings and change the default language to Persian. Also, for quick access to information, there is no need to enter the program environment! With the attractive set of widgets provided by the developer, you can access your favorite information in just a few seconds without any problems.

Some features and capabilities of Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering Android application:

  • A good option to prevent forgetting to care for plants
  • Various options such as number of irrigations, number of sprays and…
  • Create different groups
  • Create custom profiles for each of your flowers or plants
  • A set of diverse widgets for easy access to information
  • Back up all saved information
  • Add personal notes to existing information
  • Sweet Persian language support
  • Two fun games!
  • Organize information based on your preferred criteria

App Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering benefit from facilities and feature a variety of self-care and care of flowers and plants by Developer her for free with in-network $ 9.99 publish Score 4.2 from 5.0 in The device has been received by Google Play users, and now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from the Usroid website .


Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering