PlantNet Plant Identification v3.0.4 – Android plant identification and display application,
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Plants can be defined in several different ways and classified into different groups; But perhaps it is better to introduce them as creatures that help make human life better. In other words, if there were no plants, there would be no oxygen, or carbon dioxide would have swept across the globe as a result of human respiration. Plants have so much variety that you have to get to know and leave the recognition to the existing artificial intelligence. In addition to a botanical system, this software is also a huge project; Because all the images have been collected and scientists have examined them to find new species or organize categories. More than twenty thousand plant species including trees, mosses, fungi and… are supported by the database of this startup that will meet any need in an instant!

Some features and capabilities of PlantNet Plant Identification Android application:

  • Identify plants just by taking a picture of them
  • Display highly accurate and intelligent information of identified plants
  • Access to a vast database of 20,000 different plant species
  • Identify types of trees, mosses, fungi and انواع
  • Ability to filter species known by genus or family
  • Choose your favorite flowers for faster access to them
  • Recognize common observations

Application PlantNet Plant Identification benefit from the features and capabilities of its diverse has given thousands of users to attract and rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by the information received that can now use the newest version of its official from the database giant’s website Usroid Download Do; This program has been introduced at your request, dear ones, and we hope it will be useful.


PlantNet Plant Identification