Plastic Surgery Simulator v1.2.15 – Android plastic and cosmetic surgery simulation application
purchased version worth $ 1.99 for you dear ones

Given the growing popularity of plastic and cosmetic surgery, one of the concerns of those who want to undergo this type of surgery; Their face is after cosmetic surgery; These cosmetic procedures in some cases cause more beauty and in some other cases also upset the balance of the face, Android developers have started working again and a professional program to eliminate this problem has been published in the Android Market. Plastic Surgery Simulator applicationReleased by Kaeria for $ 1.99, it’s a unique simulator of plastic surgery that allows you to see your face after cosmetic surgery. From every part of your face or body, including your breasts, nose, lips, chin, and 3 that you want to have surgery on, just take a picture so that you can see the physical changes or your face after the surgery by simulating surgery. . The unique system in this software enables everyone to simulate the desired size of each member, without any distortion in the images; For example, you can take a photo of your nose in a semi-face mode and adjust your nose to your liking in the same recorded photo to notice the changes after the surgery.

Some features and capabilities of Android Plastic Surgery Simulator:

  • Supports various parts to simulate plastic surgery
  • High quality in recording simulations
  • No noise or distortion after editing images
  • Save simulated images in device memory
  • Share images posted on social networks

Due to its unique system and its price of $ 1.99, Plastic Surgery Simulator application has been able to receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 with more than 100,000 active downloads, and you can now download the latest version purchased from Usroid site.


Plastic Surgery Simulator