Play Extra v1.1.17 – a small tool to offer the best Android application,
the original version, without ads, the program presented to you dear ones

Apps are one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Android operating system worldwide! Unlike other operating systems, Android rarely sees software installation restrictions, and if you have enough space, you can install and use an unlimited variety of programs. If you look at the Android Market, you will come across millions of different applications, each of which has specific features; But these features do not simply mean meeting the needs of users. Usroid website as the best Persian language Android website with millions of users has introduced the best startups so far, in this post we want to introduce you to a practical tool. Play ExtraThe title of a small software offering the best applications by P4 sp. z oo operator sieci Play Developed and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, the main task of this startup is to introduce the best programs that will improve your experience of using smartphones. This application tool, by connecting to the best Android markets around the world and professional analysis, collects a list of the best programs and displays it in the form of an announcement in the notification bar section. To use the suggested apps, just touch their icon and go to the main market to download. Another feature that the developer has provided to its users is the customization mode of the suggestions section, which provides the conditions to simply change the background of the environment. The data collection speed is very high and will be updated as soon as possible upon your request.

Some features and capabilities of Play Extra Android application:

  • Access the list of the best apps around the world
  • Analyze and receive information from the largest Android markets
  • Provide suggestions based on the amount of downloads and points received from users
  • Move to the main market just by touching the icon of each application
  • Option to set and customize your suggestion section

Play Extra application, with its simple yet practical coding, has so far been able to attract the attention of more than 1 million users worldwide, and now you can download the latest original version without ads from the powerful archive. Download the popular Usroid website . This program is introduced at your request and the latest version is in front of you.


Play Extra