Poly Star: Prince Story v1.15 + Mod – “Poly Star: Prince Story” puzzle and adventure game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite guides) separately
Tested for offline play

Poly Star: Prince Story is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful adventure game developed by the Korean studio Nexelon Inc. It has been developed for Android mobile phones and tablets and is available on Google Play for free. As soon as the game was released, Usroid obtained, reviewed, and prepared the modified version of the game so that you can download this exciting, entertaining, and challenging game from Usroid and enjoy it for the first time in Iran. We have previously released other games from Nexelon Inc on our site, including Fishing Season: River To Ocean, Monster Fishing 2020, and Fishing Life. This studio has a great interest in peaceful games, and almost all of its works have a peaceful nature. This nature is clearly visible in the game designs and gameplay styles of their games. Poly Star: Prince Story is no exception, and this time we are accompanied by a relatively different game from this studio. Although the game’s development approach is different from other games of this studio, it still has similar graphic designs to other games from this studio, and as mentioned, one of its main features is its peaceful design. Poly Star: Prince Story is an entertaining title in the adventure game genre, and its gameplay is entirely in the style of puzzle games. Of course, this game is not a new idea, and its overall style is inspired by famous games like Love Poly.


Poly Star : Prince story


The game Poly Star: Prince Story tells the story of a little prince who travels through galaxies to different and strange planets, embarking on an adventure. In order to complete his adventure and progress through each level, he needs your help to reconstruct the necessary items that have come in the form of puzzle pieces on these planets. The game style is very simple and easy to play, but solving these seemingly simple puzzles is definitely not for everyone! At the beginning of Poly Star: Prince Story, you will do some puzzles as trial and tutorial cases to get familiar with the game style and context. As soon as you start the main levels, you will realize that this game is not that simple. In each stage, a special item such as a flower, fruit, or anything else is divided into dozens of small pieces and hangs in front of you. You have to rotate this scattered object 360 degrees so that the small pieces are properly placed next to each other and the desired shape is created. But as mentioned, this is not an easy task, and if you don’t do it by chance, be sure that a challenging and entertaining task is ahead of you. A timer is displayed on the screen for solving each puzzle. The faster you solve these puzzles, the more points you get, and the more time you spend, the lower your overall score. This also helps make the game more challenging. But if you can’t solve a level, you can use the hint option. Normally, for each hint, you have to watch an internet advertisement. You can download this beautiful and enjoyable game in both regular and modded versions (with infinite hints) from Usroid and challenge yourself to an exciting and puzzle game. This game has become one of the top games of Nexelon Studio, with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.

* Various optimizations and problem-solving for the game.