Polyforge Full v1.1.1 – A wonderful and unique arcade game for Android + trailer
The full version of the game “For the first time in Iran” is presented to you, dear
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Polyforge Full is a new and extremely beautiful game with addictive gameplay and unique construction in the style of arcade games from ImpactBlue Studios Pty Ltd for Android , which has been released for free with in-network payment in the big Google market, and to date more Downloaded five million times by Android users around the world! As we all know, people are more busy these days than ever before and many want to make the most of their short leisure time. PolyforgeIt’s one of those titles; Games that can give players fun and relaxation in the shortest possible time with simple gameplay mechanisms! The momentfor Poly Polyge is simply tied; Even from the very beginning, the game is not about gameplay tips, because the studio believes that learning gameplay mechanics does not require a background. It was the right decision, this initial confusion, was able to create a better bridge between the player and the effect. At each stage of the Polyforge we see multifaceted objects spinning, around the same shapes again an arrow rotates; Your task is to touch the screen of your phone and hit the faces with the arrow! If you can hit all sides, you will win, and if one side hits the arrow twice, you will lose! Apart from increasing the speed, with more progress, the image of objects will change and you will face more challenges!


Polyforge Full Android Games


Polyforge Full game , due to its good reception, was able to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 ! The biggest positive thing about Polyforge is its atmospheric experience; True, the simplicity of the gameplay mechanics alone can persuade anyone to do Polyforge, but what makes the game so appealing is the audio-visual parts of the title, let’s just say the images are well expressed. If they are Polyforge visual charms; The combination of colors is very eye-catching and the dynamic background has been able to add more beauty to the game, and all these parts have found a much better image with their unique music and pleasant sound; We recommend that you listen to your headphones once in a while while playing the game so that you do not miss this atmospheric experience! Now we are in FarsroodWe have introduced the latest version of this game in the presence of you dear ones, which is the full version of the game; It is better to know that the game was offered incompletely by the developer on Google Play and you have to pay dollars to complete it, but our version is the full version of the game that does not require payment!

Changes in version v1.1.1:

* Added new levels and features.