Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG v1.3.3 + Mod – Role-playing and adventurous game “Polygon Fantasy” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite money) separately available
Tested for online play

Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG – Multi-sided Fantasy is an entertaining and well-made RPG game from Alda Games studio, the creator of games such as The Walking Zombie: Dead City, The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter, and World War Polygon: WW2 shooter. It has been released as a free game. This game is one of the exclusive titles for the Android operating system, which was only released for the Android operating system at the time of its release. As always, we have prepared another game for you as soon as it is released on the web, and we have made it available to you as a tested and free game. Alda Games studio is famous for creating and publishing games with designs called Polygon, and it seems that this studio’s effort is to become a symbol of such designs and ideas. Except for one, all other works released by this company have been published with so-called polygon designs. Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG was officially released in December 2021 as a trial game and early access, and it is made with the same language of design as previous games.


Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG


Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG is exactly what its name suggests: a completely fantasy and imaginative title with polygonal designs. For this reason, it seems that there could not have been a better name for this game than “Polygon Fantasy”! Although this game is an adventure and story-based game, it may be better not to rely too much on its story content due to the clichéd storyline of heroes battling demonic forces, which has been used again in this game. In fact, this game is in the action role-playing genre. In Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG, you play as heroes who must bravely and selflessly fight against the enemies of humanity, who are demonic forces, to save humanity. The title of the game, Diablo-like Action RPG, indicates that the overall style of the game is created by borrowing from the famous franchise, Diablo. This title is a fast-paced action game with fast-paced combat, lots of punches and kicks, and lots of visual effects. The game’s theme is completely fantasy, and everything in it is imaginary. From character designs to enemies, to the lands in which you must fight and resist against enemy attacks, all have multiple elements of fantasy. With all these interpretations, Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG is an entertaining and exciting title, and its engaging gameplay and various challenges can keep role-playing enthusiasts entertained for a long time. You can download this game for free through the direct links on Usroid and experience it on your Android device.

Note: Polygon Fantasy is an online game and to run it properly, you need to change your IP before entering the game.