Polygon Run v1.3.1 + Polygon Run 2 v1.0.5 – The first and second versions of the interesting “Polygon” game for Android + Trailer
The first version is priced at $1 and the second version is available for free on Google Play
Tested for offline play

Polygon Run is an entertaining and challenging game in the Action genre with exciting and nerve-wracking gameplay from Kainano Studio for Android. The first and second versions of the game have been released on the Play Store and have been well received by users worldwide. Now, for the first time in Iran, we have decided to introduce both versions together to you, dear fans of special Android games! In this game, you must guide the main character, who is like a small flash, through the twisting and turning polygonal paths and overcome various challenging levels! To pass each level, you need to last one minute without colliding with the walls. The game’s creator has designed an extraordinary music that perfectly matches the game’s atmosphere and doubles its excitement and attractiveness. The goal of designing and creating this game is to challenge your decision-making power and quick reactions in the moment!


Download Polygon Run - a special "polygon" game for Android + the second version


The first version of Polygon Run game is available in both free and paid versions on Google Play, and now its paid version is available for download. However, for the second version, only the free version is available on Google Play and it does not have a paid version. We have provided the free version alongside the first paid version for download! The beautiful features of this game include addictive gameplay, 3D abstract graphics, random level generation, sixty-second levels, and electronic music! The game is designed very simply, and this simplicity has led to its great popularity among global users. The first version has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and the second version has a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0. We have tested both on an LG G3 device with Android 5 and they have been installed and run without any problems.

* News of the release of the second version of the game!