PolyLines 3D v1.1.5 + Mod – a small and interesting puzzle game “Multiple 3D Lines” for Android,
regular version + mod version (unlocked + unlimited tips) tested separately
with offline execution

PolyLines 3D – Multi-dimensional 3D lines are a fun and well- crafted title from a young, independent studio called onartsoft, created and created by a Ukrainian creative couple. Released under the full name PolyLines 3D – spatial puzzle on Google Play, this game is the first official and different game of this small game development studio, the latest version of which, along with a modded version of it by Usroid for the first time among all, Iranian sites will serve you dear ones and puzzle game lovers. A lot of effort has been made to make this game and it has taken months to make it. PolyLines 3D game – spatial puzzle adapted from similar titles such as Love Poly or PolysphereThe idea has been picked up and developed, and the overall gameplay is very similar to the games mentioned. So if you have experienced one of these games before, you can easily and quickly connect with PolyLines 3D. As the full title of the game suggests, PolyLines 3D – spatial puzzle is a puzzle game in which you are going to solve puzzles that are suspended in the air. You’ve probably noticed the main idea of ​​the game, but if you still don’t know what the whole game is like, in this game you are going to turn the shapes that are displayed irregularly on the screen into their real shapes!


PolyLines 3D


At any stage of PolyLines 3DA basic shape is considered. This shape, which is made up of tens and perhaps hundreds of lines, is displayed irregularly at the beginning of the game. Your job is to rotate the image 360 ​​degrees to try to see these lines from a view where the original shape is recognizable. To do this, you need to move the images very carefully. All you have to do is swipe your finger in the direction you want the image to go, and rotate the image 360 ​​degrees. PolyLines 3D game has 100 main stages and each stage has a special shape for you. The more you go through the stages of the game, the harder the forms become. Since this game can be a challenging and difficult game, the game’s creators have put an option to receive guidance, which by clicking the button to get the desired image in two or three general steps is close to the main point and you just have to Slightly shake and rotate the image to match the lines so that the shape of that stage is visible and you win that stage. By watching the video of the game’s introductory trailer, you can get a much better understanding of the gameplay and how the game is played. PolyLines 3D can be downloaded right now with a modified and exclusive version for the first time in IranDownload Usroid and have a lot of fun and challenge your mind.