Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon v1.4.13 + Mod – An interesting clip game “Popo Mine” for Android,
regular version + mod version (unlimited money) tested separately
with offline execution

Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon – Popo Mine is a simple and fun cliché game in the style of simulation titles that is available for free with the ability to pay in-app for the Android operating system and is available on Google Play for Android users around the world. . The game was developed by the Korean studio STORMX. Usroid for another time and as the first Iranian websitePrepare and prepare this game for you friends and provide it with a modded version so that you dear ones can experience it normally or with unlimited money. In Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon, you play a group of blind mice who are very professional miners. Their main job in this game is to find valuable mines and dig them to earn valuable money and stones. By managing these animals, you need to have a good and professional drilling strategy so that you can progress little by little. In Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon, whose main genres are Clinker and Tycoon, you can implement an automatic process in the game and make money one after the other.


Popo's Mine - Idle Tycoon


Game Popo’s Mine – Idle TycoonLike many other cliché games, it can be played offline. Even if you close the game, the process of earning money in the game will continue. Also, like any other similar game, you can use different items in the game and improve by improving these items in the game. In order to be able to manage your income, you can manage and expand your work by employing and employing skilled workers. Each of these managers has special capabilities that you can use according to your strategy. As mentioned, playing Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon does not require any internet and you can run the game completely offline. There are different characters in this game and during the game you will go to different parts of the game. The game is downloaded with over one million downloads on Google PlayA good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 has become one of the most well-made and popular games in this genre. Usroid is proud to introduce this game to you for the first time in Iran and has provided its latest version for download. So, if you are a fan of cliché, entertainment and management style games, don’t miss Popo’s Mine – Idle Tycoon game and download the latest version from Usroid serversright now. To get more familiar with the whole game, you can also see its screenshots.