POPS – Films, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports v2.17.1222 – The Video and Entertainment Platform Application for Android
Ad-free and complete version of the program worth $24.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the tasks that Android smartphones perform well is entertaining their users. Every user tries to fill their leisure time in a different way. Some play their favorite videos and others play music. If you look at the age range of users, you will see that from children to adults, everyone is increasingly involved in using smartphones. The inevitability of these devices in our lives has led some developers to try to create useful apps and make them available to users. Just take a look at Google Play with a huge collection of various apps in different fields. Sometimes we install multiple apps to entertain ourselves! The more apps installed on an Android phone, the more direct impact it has on its memory and performance. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to access multiple features in one environment is through platforms. Platforms help to address multiple needs simultaneously by providing a set of capabilities in one environment. POPS – Films, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports is the title of the video and entertainment platform developed by Singaporean company POPS Singapore PTE LTD and published on Google Play. This app is undoubtedly a special source for accessing all kinds of entertaining movies and TV series. Users with this platform installed will be able to access thousands of movies and play their favorite TV series episodes with just one touch at any time. Along with these movies, a collection of animations is also available, aimed at entertaining children. The comic section provides a huge and up-to-date database of the most popular and oldest comics, so that enthusiasts do not get confused in finding different parts of each comic. When communicating with the POPS server, the intelligent system tries to take advantage of the maximum bandwidth of your smartphone and provide a flawless playback. All multimedia files are located in their own pages and categories, allowing you to quickly access your desired content!

Some features and capabilities of the POPS – Films, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports Android app:

  • An extraordinary platform for accessing all kinds of videos and music
  • A collection of thousands of popular movies and TV series from around the world
  • Hundreds of animations to entertain your children
  • A database of various comics, especially Japanese comics
  • Categorization of all multimedia files in different pages and categories
  • Playback of videos, music, and animations with maximum possible quality
  • Live streaming of sports channels

The POPS – Films, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports app, with its various features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer with in-app purchases of $24.99 on Google Play. You can now download the latest ad-free version of the app from the popular and popular website Usroid.


POPS - Movies, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports