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It has been a relatively long time since the first magazines were published. Early magazines had a structure similar to newspapers, covering only news related to a few related fields. Gradually, other items such as tutorials and practical content were added to the magazines, and eventually they became what we see today. Magazines are very useful for those who want to be informed about the latest news and content in a particular field or field. Of course, there are magazines that deal with different areas and do not focus on a specific area, but usually magazines are published for a specific area. The United States is one of the oldest countries in terms of publishing such magazines, and we can see all kinds of magazines in it, some of which are very old and more than a century old. Today we are at your service with the Android application of one of these magazines. Popular Mechanics Magazine USHearst Communications, Inc. is the title of an application for accessing the contents of the popular magazine of American Popular Mechanics, for the Android operating system. Developed and published for free on Google Play. This journal covers topics related to science and technology, such as automotive, home, electronics, military, aviation, tools, and other related fields. Popular Mechanics was founded in 1992 by Henry Hawn Windsor and has been published for decades with a “written so you can understand” label. The magazine was acquired by Hurst in 1958 and has been published by the company ever since. In 2013, the magazine’s motto changed to “How Your World Works.” In this magazine, users are explained in simple language and using different images how things work. In addition, the latest technological advances are covered in various fields. Very useful and interesting articles are published in each issue that teach users to do different things. The app is optimized to make it easy to share content with others, and you can share images with others individually via social media and messengers. If you are interested in technology, tools and how things work, we recommend you to install this program and read it.


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App Popular Mechanics Magazine US magazine that its contents can always about the latest developments, innovations and inventions informed and their knowledge of how and means to increase the phenomenon. This application, with the satisfaction of Android users, was able to receive a score of 3.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the shared version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

V16 version changes : 

* Fixed bugs and improved app stability