Powerful System Monitor v8.5.0 – Professional monitoring and monitoring application on Android devices!
Purchased version for $ 2 for you

Powerful System Monitor is a powerful application for monitoring and monitoring the hardware of Android smart devices and increasing their speed, which has been published by GLGJing for $ 2! The professional CPU monitoring section enables users to monitor CPU frequencies and temperatures at any time; The monitoring part of this software is not limited to its CPU and you can also have full access to internal and external memory, device battery and و and view their status at any time. Much of PowerForce Monitor SystemHas created a cleaner with the ability to quickly clear the memory, which with just a simple touch removes all the junk of files and system cache and increases the storage space and speed of the smart smartphone. Everything is under control and the program will inform you in case of any problems with its accurate and instant monitoring of different parts of the device; For example, if the CPU temperature rises, the alarm will sound and the exact temperature will be notified! The most important feature of Powerful System Monitor that its creators have maneuvered on is the exact history of various types of RAM and CPU processes, which provides you with accurate information from the sources of consumption in different time periods.

Some features and capabilities of Powerful System Monitor Android application:

  • CPU Monitoring: Monitoring CPU temperature , frequencies and accurate analysis at any time
  • Delete and delete extra files to increase speed and storage memory
  • Unique Ram booster system and free resources
  • Save battery power and extend its life
  • Access to the exact history of CPU and RAM processing

The unique Powerful System Monitor app, which has been released in the Play Store for $ 2; Could ever rating of 4.5 from 5.0 to account for the most recent version that can now be purchased professional and high-speed servers it Usroid downloaded.

Note: In the new version, the name of the program has been changed to System Monitor – Cpu, Ram Booster, Battery Saver.