Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week v3.37 – Advanced pregnancy tracking app for Android
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Pregnancy Tracker Week by WeekIs the title of an advanced pregnancy tracker application developed by Wachanga and published on Google Play. Pregnancy is one of the most important and sensitive periods in a woman’s life. At this time, there are many points that attention and practice can make the delivery process much easier. In addition, having proper planning will allow you to be informed of your mental and physical condition at any time. One of the best ways to track this is to use pregnancy trackers. Undoubtedly, Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week is one of the best software that helps your loved ones feel better during pregnancy and be sure of your baby’s condition and health at any time. The development team has tried to make the UI very simple and attractive at the same time to avoid any problems, so unlike some startups, you will not encounter any complicated environments and options.

Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week software Professional and smart pregnancy tracker

If you take a look at the Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week environment after installation, you will definitely notice its great features. Features that each of them can help in many cases make childbirth easier. After installation and before displaying the initial environment, you will be asked questions that will determine the exact time of pregnancy. So the first special feature that is considered by many women is the delivery calculator. With the help of this calculator and thanks to its beautiful design, not only can you see your delivery time, but also information about your baby’s size is provided to you every week. This information, which is mostly in the form of a picture, shows how big your baby is now and how much your belly is bulging.

Provide practical tips for pregnancy

The medical team working with the developers of Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week provides information to users. This information, which is displayed weekly, includes special points. The information displayed is usually in two specific groups; A group for your child and a group for yourself. These include dietary recommendations, specific tips for the week of pregnancy, the types of exercises you should do, and more. In a way, it can be said that by installing this startup, your needs for a doctor will be much less, and by studying the displayed texts, your fear of childbirth will disappear over time.

Provide the most important dates during pregnancy

Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week has an advanced tracking system that tries to show you the most important dates during your pickup time. Based on these dates, you should perform certain activities such as recording weight, blood pressure and many other checks to be notified if there is any danger. Measure how long your baby moves in your womb and communicate with your baby in a special way. Using widgets is one of the best options for quick and easy access to available information.

By placing widgets on the screen, users can easily view the most important information and be informed about the status of their fetus.

Some features and capabilities of Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week Android app:

  • Super Advanced Pregnancy Calculator
  • A complete description of how much your baby is growing during pregnancy
  • Provide practical tips on pregnancy each week in a completely dedicated way
  • Access to a variety of information to have a healthy pregnancy diet
  • View the most important dates during your pregnancy
  • Record information of checks performed during pregnancy
  • Countdown the time left until delivery
  • Internal checklist to prevent forgetting important activities
  • A set of diverse management options for women
  • Main screen widgets

The Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week app, with its special features and capabilities related to pregnancy, was released by its developer for free with an online payment of $ 39.99 and received a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, who are now You can download the latest golden version of it without any restrictions from the high-speed servers of Usroid website .


Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week