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Premium Mobile Antivirus App v4.1.2 – Android professional security and antivirus application!
Premium version priced at $ 19.99 for you dear users!

The Internet is expanding day by day in this vast world, and various people are connecting to this vast global network; Each of us enters a new world by connecting to the Internet and we also enter our identity and information into this global network, among which there are various people such as hackers and blackmailers who use this information to corrupt Use for work or extortion! Usroid , as the reference site for Persian speakers, has published various programs to deal with these people and has always rushed to the aid of its users, and now in this post, as always, we intend to surprise you with the best Android in the world. ! Premium Mobile Antivirus App is a powerful and professional antivirus title from Trustlook Studio, the great developer of the world of antivirus for Android devices.Is! No need to worry about viruses, trojans or fake pages anymore because by joining the 15 million users of this application, you will ensure your security. All you have to do is leave everything to Traslock Security’s program to remove any malicious files, malware or viruses from your smartphone in just a few seconds. Improve the security of your device and browse the pages with ease and without any worries, and do your shopping online without panic and be sure that a powerful application protects all your information in the web world! This application has features beyond more than one antivirus so that you can easily back up all your data in just a few seconds. The unique features of this security package do not fit in the form of a long text, so it is better to be informed about these features with Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of Premium Mobile Antivirus Android app:

  • Accurate scan of various parts of Android devices and remove all types of trojans, viruses, malware and…
  • Deal with phishing attacks and fake sites
  • Stop running apps and speed up your Android phone with just one touch
  • Deep and accurate scan of SD cards
  • Protecting information when shopping online
  • Smart anti-theft mobile phone system
  • Back up all data in memory
  • Check the security of public WiFi networks

Antivirus Premium Mobile Antivirus App at a price of $ 19.99 has given 15 million people to attract and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users on Google Play Get it now purchased version and the Premium app security can Servers Download Usroid High Speed for free and with a direct link.

Changes in version v4.1.2:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version on Google Play.


Premium Mobile Antivirus App