Prime Novus Substratum v2.9.3 Dark, attractive and beautiful theme for Android
Purchased version of the app with a price of $1.49

The Android operating system is an open source and flexible system that has become very popular due to these features. In Android, different parts of the operating system can be customized and personalized as desired. Various tools have been created for personalizing Android, which can change the appearance of the operating system to a great extent. However, there are limitations to these changes, and users cannot make changes to their operating system beyond a certain limit. These limitations are imposed for security reasons and are important in maintaining user privacy. Nevertheless, users want to edit their operating system with a more open hand and enjoy a new look on it. To meet this need, a group of developers from the Cyanogen custom ROM came up with a way to apply themes to Android. They used a theme engine that existed on Cyanogen to create a new theme engine that could be installed on all Android phones. The result of their efforts was the creation of the Substratum theme engine. This theme engine allows users to apply various themes to Android. These themes are applied to most parts of the operating system and provide a cohesive and coordinated appearance to the user interface. Even system and application programs like Google Chrome, YouTube, Contacts, and more are changed by the applied themes. This way, you will not experience any inconsistency or awkwardness when using the programs. Fortunately, various themes have been created for this theme engine, and we have offered many of them on Usroid. Today we are also offering you another beautiful theme called Prime Novus Substratum for the Substratum theme engine, which is a very attractive dark theme for the Android operating system developed by pierx and priced at $1.49 on Google Play. You can easily change and personalize different parts of this theme, such as the colors used, slider styles, icons, menu background images, and more. As mentioned, this theme has a dark and black appearance, so if you use it on phones with AMOLED displays, you will save a lot of battery. Note that this theme is not usable independently and you must root your phone and install the Substratum app before installing it.


Prime Novus Substratum


The Prime Novus Substratum application is an attractive eye-catching theme for Android that has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now get the purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities completely free of charge from Usroid.