PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm v1.1.2.7 – Android smart sleep alarm and tracker app,
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One of the main needs of living beings is sleep; On average, a person needs six to eight hours of useful sleep per day, which if not met, will cause many physical and mental problems. There are several treatments for insomnia or irregular sleep that everyone uses according to their opinion. PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart AlarmIs the title of an alarm clock and smart sleep tracker for Android, which was developed by PrimeNap and published in the big Google Play Market. This software has a set of special features to help you monitor your sleep overnight and get comprehensive information in this area. Your entire sleep duration is automatically recorded and your sleep deprivation is easily calculated. Match your sleep cycle with existing smart alarms so you can adjust your resting rhythm. In addition, a dream journal is available to anyone who helps you record all the dreams you have had during your sleep.

Some features and capabilities of PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm Android app:

  • Smart sleep tracker
  • Calculate the amount of sleep required during the day
  • Intelligent analysis system to provide accurate reports
  • Create different and varied alarms for waking up in time
  • Alarm synchronization system with sleep cycle
  • Gradual increase in volume
  • Delay alarms and experience 5-minute naps
  • Incredibly fascinating dream magazine
  • Accurate statistics of your sleep duration

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Changes in version v1.1.2.7:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm