PrintBot PRO v4.2.2 [Unlocked] – Android network printer drive application Unlocked
version with access to all features

It is no exaggeration to say that printers are one of the most widely used types of smart devices, printing millions of copies of documents or images on paper every day. Using a printer typically requires a personal computer to retrieve the target file, or the printer should definitely have a physical connection to the commanding device, but the powerful Usroid site team, as always, is up and running. Eliminating these limitations has removed. PrintBot PRO Unlocked is a network printer drive developed by for Android devices.Developed and published in the Google Play Market. With this software, you no longer need any physical connection to print your images or PDF files, and everything is done quite intelligently. All print boot activities are based on Wi-Fi connection and its searches are to find active printers on the automatic network. One of the best features included in this software compared to similar programs is support for different types of printers; So that more than 4700 different devices from popular brands are in the support list of this application and everyone will be able to use the available capabilities without the slightest limitation.

Some features and capabilities of PrintBot PRO Android application:

  • No need for any physical connection to print files
  • Massive support for 4700 different devices from popular brands
  • Automatic network scan to find active printers
  • Supports JetDirect, LPR, IPP
  • There were no restrictions on printing documents and images

Due to its ability to print documents without any physical connection, the PrintBot PRO application has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment, and as always, you can download the latest unlocked version of it. Get it for free from the most visited Usroid site.

Changes in version v4.2.2:

* Automatic selection of some printers
* Fixed minor issues.