Private Photo Vault PRO v2.0.3 Unlocked – application for locking images and video files in the Android operating system, unlocked
version with all features available

With the expansion of the Internet and technology, our security is becoming less and less in this global network, so that with the slightest mistake, a lot of our personal information is spread in cyberspace and anyone can know about us. Have; If you are active on social networks, you will see that many pages, in order to gain more followers, put personal photos of different people on their pages, which was due to the low security of the victims’ smart devices, but Farsrood in This post is intended to provide a smart program to prevent users from stealing images and video files; With the help of Private Photo Vault PROYou can easily hide your photos and video files and protect them with a PIN code or password. Features of this application include the intelligent hidden photography system, so that when entering the wrong password to access images, the program automatically takes a photo through the front camera and the person’s photo with its exact position on Google Maps will send to your email. Other smart features of the program include the bait password, using this feature you can create a fake password for some of your images, so that by entering it by the wrong person, only worthless and public images will be provided to it. !

Some features and capabilities of Private Photo Vault PRO Android application:

  • Ability to hide all types of images and video files
  • Hide gallery folders
  • Protect hidden images and video files by PIN and password
  • Intelligent shooting system when entering the wrong password
  • Unique feature of fake password
  • Send the wrong password entry to the email

Application Private Photo Vault PRO has managed to pay within the network within a short period with $ 3.99 Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store can now get the newest version unlocks it from Usroid downloaded.

Changes in version v2.0.3:

* Fixed program issues and UI improvements