[Productivity Challenge Timer v1.10.0 [Premium – Application to increase productivity of Android work activity
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Focusing on work activities is one way to succeed and have a bright future; But sometimes some of our bad habits cause us to face difficulties in this direction and achieving our desires and we can not have the desired result from work activities. Motivation is the best way to increase the productivity of any activity so that you only have to set a specific goal and set rewards for yourself over a period of time. Productivity Challenge Timer PremiumTitle is a very useful application to increase the productivity of its activities, which was developed by AXFN for Android and published in the big market of Google Play. This software professionally monitors all your good and bad habits and work projects, and by providing accurate statistics, it gives you the necessary access to the useful hours of your work. All you have to do is create your project and leave everything to this powerful tool to achieve high concentration in your activities in a short time and achieve a more desirable result. The shortest working time that anyone can create is ten minutes, and during this time you should not be in contact with your smart device. One of the best features of Productivity Challenge Timer is making unconscious changes on you; So that after a while of use, even if you have hard working conditions, you will reach a certain balance in your life and you no longer need to apologize to others for being late or going to work on weekends or parties. !


Productivity Challenge Timer Full


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