Professional Resume Maker & CV builder-PDF format v1.0.9 Professional resume making application in pdf format in Android Professional
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A resume (cv) is a multi-page document that summarizes a person’s work history, education, and profile, and is usually used for hiring and selection (especially in cases where there is an interview). In other words, in these few pages, the person presents his / her records to the place where he / she wants to be employed or continue his / her studies. Resume is the most important tool for applying for a job. No matter how qualified or experienced you are, if your resume is poor or you can not write it right, you will not get the job or position you want. Many people do not realize the importance of a good resume and simply write all their features in a few lines and this causes them to fail. Today we are at your service with an application that can make writing a good resume very easy. Professional Resume Maker & CV builder-PDF format PROTitle is a simple and excellent application for creating a professional resume in Android, which was developed by the Apps Style software group for Android devices and published for free on Google Play. Using this application, you can choose your suitable resume from the large number of daily templates available in the application, and by completing the required information in just 5 minutes, create a professional resume and go to a dream job or university. Reach your dream.

Some features and capabilities of Professional Resume Maker & CV builder-PDF format for Android :

  • Has a large number of resume templates for a variety of career and educational purposes
  • Ability to create, view, copy, manage, target and edit resumes
  • Provide the necessary instructions for making a resume cover or even making a cover in the application itself
  • Ability to output output made in pdf format
  • Suitable for job seekers and study abroad
  • Ability to add photos and signatures to the resume
  • Ability to create and maintain several different resumes

Applications, Professional Resume Maker & CV builder-PDF format program is applied to all applicants for employment and study in Iran and outside of Iran. Many Iranian companies only accept and review resumes written in English and in a professional format. Using this application, you can create a very professional resume and at first glance, it will have a very good effect on the human resources officials of the companies. Note that the resume is the first image of you in the eyes of employers. This program has just been released on Google Play, and in the same short period of time, it has been able to reach a download number of over 100,000 downloads and receive a score of 3.3 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this program, along with all the features and accesses from Fars Get it for free.

Version v1.0.9 changes:

* Various optimizations and program crash fixes.


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