ProfiMail Go is a powerful and free software in the field of email management for the Android operating system , with which you will be able to manage your incoming and outgoing emails in a simple and classic environment. This appOptimized for smartphones and tablets, it allows you to easily check your emails or send emails to your friends. This software, which is one of the default programs of Symbian and Winphone operating systems, has now been released for Android, with which you can meet all the needs that you have from an email management client. The free version of this program that is currently in front of you supports one user account, and in order to use different user accounts at the same time, you must use the monthly subscriptions of the program.

Features, capabilities and features of the free ProfiMail Go application include the following:

* Ability to attach multiple attachments to email

* Ability to add your signature to emails manually

* Support for email encryption and digital signature S / MIME

* Ability to search smart and fast among your emails

* Ability to add beautiful emoticons and photos to your emails

* Multiple panel to see more information on big screen phones

* Ability to integrate the program with X-PLORE to work with images, sounds, and other files

* Ability to check email anytime you like automatically or manually

* Ability to work in the background without staying in the app itself

* Having a very nice dedicated widget for the home screen for quick access

* Ability to make quick text calls to chat online with users

You can download the latest version of the ProfiMail Go application for free with a direct link from Usroid for your Android mobile… The free version on Google Play has limited features that you have to pay real money to complete, but we have the version We have put this complete and paid program for download, which you can use all its features indefinitely.

 Changes in version v4.30.01: (full and premium version)

* Fixed various problems and improved app performance for Android 7


Download ProfiMail Go - a powerful email management client for Android




Download ProfiMail Go Android App APK - New


Download ProfiMail Go Android App APK - New



Download ProfiMail Go Android App APK - New