ProShot v8.22.2 – The Complete and Professional Android Camera Application
The purchased version of the program worth $4.99 is presented to you, dear ones.

Even if you are a professional photographer, you need facilities to capture high-quality and artistic images that are not fully available in an app or camera. ProShot is the title of a unique and complete camera application for Android that meets the expectations of all users with its extraordinary features. The facilities and capabilities used in this camera are so complete that they make users independent of any other auxiliary program and provide them with high-quality and professional images. Everything in this camera can be manually and automatically adjusted; just like a DSLR camera, customize everything and capture your extraordinary image. Unlike other similar programs, this application supports both video and photo modes, allowing you to record high-quality videos with personal settings alongside photography. Entrust the lighting and ISO settings to ProShot to capture your scenes with higher quality. The introduced program has various capabilities and features, and it is better to stay tuned with Usroid to see a part of them in the following article.

Some features and capabilities of the ProShot Android app:

  • There are two manual and automatic settings for adjusting features like DSLR cameras.
  • Adjust shutter speed, lighting, focus, ISO, white balance, and more automatically.
  • Shoot in JPEG, RAW, and RAW + JPEG modes.
  • Superb light-paint mode with infinite shutter and live preview.
  • Different resolutions for capturing images.
  • Customize image aspect ratios.
  • Precise timer and continuous image capture mode.
  • Includes HDR and night modes!
  • Live histogram.
  • Supports front camera with lighting control.
  • Zoom with just one finger.
  • Adjust JPEG format quality with noise reduction.
  • Record location on images.
  • Shortcut keys for GPS, screen brightness, camera shutter, and more.
  • Innovative and unique UI.
  • Ability to record videos from low quality to 4K.
  • Record videos in automatic modes, P, M, C1, or C2.
  • Adjust frame rate and bit rate.
  • Record timelapse videos with full manual control.

ProShot app, as the most complete Android camera app in the Play Store, has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from users with its $1.54 price tag. You can now download the latest purchased version for free from the Usroid website.