Pseudocode, PSeInt, Visualg v1.2.2 [Donate] – Professional algorithm application in Android
Paid version with access to all features

Pseudocode, PSeInt, Visualg is a practical application for algorithm writing and its complete training by Diego Velásquez for AndroidIt’s been published. One of the most basic training for programming students in the future that can strengthen them in programming is algorithm; Algorithm writing can be considered as the basis of programming, which in some cases is very difficult and learning it requires constant practice and repetition. With this program, along with algorithm writing training, you can easily write your desired algorithms and progress in this direction day by day. One of the great features of this software is the ability to edit pre-written algorithms, so that it will even be able to identify encrypted algorithms and provide users with the ability to edit them! The algorithm writing page is very simple and regular and can be seen in each number line and there are various tools for copying, moving or deleting it.

Some features and capabilities of Pseudocode, PSeInt, Visualg Android application:

  • Ability to edit encrypted algorithms
  • Simple page with various text editing tools
  • Online information entry
  • Shortcut keys with basic symbols!
  • Ability to compile codes offline
  • Scientific examples of different algorithms with the ability to edit them
  • Ability to run pre-stored algorithms on the memory card
  • Share written algorithms

Pseudocode, PSeInt, Visualg applications , due to their value for programming students, have been released in both free and professional versions with in-network payments of $ 1.49 to $ 7.49, and managed to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Play Store users. You can now download the latest version from Usroid . Note that in this version, all payments within the network are prepaid and there is no need to pay again to activate the features.

Changes in version v1.2.2:

* Added Visualg support