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Psychology is a new science that dates back to the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Psychology is a science that studies behavior and psychological processes. In fact, psychology discusses human actions and why they are performed. This science has progressed amazingly in its very short lifespan, and now we have a thorough knowledge of how the human psyche functions and the factors involved. We humans each have our own way of life and experience special circumstances that may never happen to others. That is why the psyche and mind of each of us is formed in a special and unique way. Contrary to popular belief, external factors have a significant impact on the human psyche. In a way, childhood experiences change a person’s psyche forever, and it may be impossible to change it again. That is why it is necessary to know and be aware of these factors as much as possible, so that we can control them, control their impact on our psyche, and be aware of the impact of our actions on others and its consequences. Studying books and psychological resources, like all other specialized sources, is difficult for the general public. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the concepts as public and simple as possible. Today we are at your service with a program that is a great resource for learning psychology information in a simple and understandable format.Psychology Book – 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts is an application with more than 1000 amazing psychological facts in different categories, for the Android operating system, which was developed by the FUNNY APPS software group and published for free on Google Play. With this app you can learn a lot about psychology in different categories like animals, biology, body language and…. learn. All of these facts are summarized and useful and may come in handy in your life.

Some features and capabilities of Psychology Book – 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts Android app :

  • Categorize hints into specific categories for ease of finding content
  • Surfing the app is very easy and will not confuse you.
  • Every day you are taught a new psychological point.
  • The user interface of the program is very beautiful and functional.
  • Has categories of anger, animals, charm, biology, body language, brain, colors, depression, emotions, extroverts, friendship, happiness, health, human behavior, hunger and food, introverts, jealousy, laughter, leftists Hands, Love, Men, Mind, Music, People, Personality, Phobia, Psychology, Sixth Sense, Sleep, Mass Communication Websites, Teenagers, Women, Writing

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Version v1.3 changes : 

* Added the ability to remove ads


Psychology Book - 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts