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Modern scientific psychology is believed to have started in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Psychology is a field that examines human behavior and mental processes, focusing on human actions and their reasons. This science has made remarkable progress throughout its short life, and we now have a comprehensive understanding of how the human mind works and the factors involved. Each of us has our own unique way of living and experiences specific circumstances that may never happen to others. Therefore, each of our minds and psyches takes on a specific and unique form. Contrary to popular belief, external factors have a significant impact on the human psyche. So much so that childhood experiences can permanently change a person’s psyche, and it may be impossible to change it again. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize these factors as much as possible and gain knowledge about them to control their impact on our psyche and to be aware of the effects of our actions on others and their consequences. Studying psychology books and resources, like any other specialized resources, is difficult for the general public. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify concepts as much as possible for general use. Today, we have a program that is a great resource for learning psychology information in a simple and understandable format. Psychology Book – 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts is an application with over 1000 amazing psychology facts in various categories, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by the software group FUNNY APPS and free to download on Google Play. With this program, you can learn many things about psychology in different categories such as animals, biology, body language, and more. All of these facts are summarized and useful points that may come in handy in life.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Psychology Book – 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts Android app:

  • Notes are categorized in specific and separated categories for easy finding of content.
  • Navigating through the program is very easy and won’t confuse you.
  • A new psychology note is taught to you every day.
  • The user interface of the program is very beautiful and practical.
  • It has categories of anger, animals, attractiveness, biology, body language, brain, colors, depression, emotions, extroverts, friendship, happiness, health, human behavior, hunger and food, introverts, jealousy, laughter, left-handed people, love, men, mind, music, people, personality, phobias, psychology, sixth sense, sleep, social networking sites, teenagers, women, and writing.

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Psychology Book - 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts