[Data Monitor: Simple Net Meter v1.0.202 [Premium – Android Simple Internet Monitoring Application
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One of the many requests from users is to know their internet speed at any given moment so that they can measure the quality of their service provider and understand why their internet speed is slow. One of the best ways to instantly view internet speed is to use internet monitoring tools! Data Monitor: Simple Net Meter is the title of a simple and practical application for simple data usage monitoring developed by KF Software House for Android and published on the Google Play store. Easily and completely, by simply looking at the notification bar, you can see the download speed at any moment and be informed of your actual internet speed. This intelligent tool has a network analysis system within it that meets all your needs and displays everything with complete differentiation. The information displayed by this app includes displaying the internet usage of each installed application, allowing you to view the amount of usage of each software installed on your smartphone and even detect spyware!

Some features and capabilities of Data Monitor: Simple Net Meter Android app:

  • Simple and intelligent monitoring of internet devices
  • Real-time speed monitoring
  • Professional network data analysis tools
  • Precise separation of internet usage for each program
  • Display of internet usage on different dates
  • Separation of Wi-Fi and mobile network data usage
  • Simple and very user-friendly interface

The Data Monitor: Simple Net Meter application has achieved an active download of thousands of users with a set of simple and useful features, receiving a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the latest premium version of this app, which includes all the paid features, from the popular and high-traffic website Usroid.


Data Monitor: Simple Net Meter