Tukoni v1.03 + Mod – Lovely Adventure Game “Tukoni” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocked paid content) separately available
Tested for offline play

Tukoni – توکانی is a beautiful piece of art in the form of an adventure game, which is designed and developed based on a series of related storybooks. The game is created by a young artist named Oksana Bula, who is a Ukrainian visual artist. Usroid proudly announces that for the first time among all Iranian websites, it has obtained and reviewed Tukoni upon its release on Google Play and has provided it for download as soon as possible. Tukoni is one of those games where everything is placed together just to soothe the audience. From its beautiful, simple, minimalist, and yet vibrant and conceptual design to its overall gameplay process, which is a unique combination of simplicity and creative ideas, all are elements that have made this game a lasting work of art. Aside from its lovely designs, the game has a very interesting and incredibly educational nature that is useful not only for children but also for adults. The main message of this game, considering its story and overall situation, is to be together in difficult times and to strive to make others happy.




In the game Tukoni, you play as a traveler named Tukoni who has entered a large and beautiful forest for an adventure or perhaps a greater goal. Along the way and during his adventures, he encounters various characters from this forest. There are multiple missions and objectives in the game that the player must perform special tasks, such as solving puzzles, to achieve. The game’s puzzles are simple but intriguing and relatively different. The main gameplay style is of the Point and Click type. You must be a messenger of kindness, peace, and purity in the game Tukoni, and your most important mission throughout this game is to go to different points of this beautiful world and meet various characters. Perhaps each of these characters has a special story and problems that can be solved by you. In terms of graphic design, it must be said that Tukoni has been made in the best possible way. Perhaps there is no news of complex 3D modeling and graphics in these designs, but the use of entirely hand-drawn paintings, different colorings, and various character designs are things that have given a very special color and smell to this game and made Tukoni an influential game. You have a notebook with you throughout the game Tukoni, which will actually be your most important guide in the game. You should pay attention to it carefully and follow the stages of the game with the help of the guidance inside it. This incredibly beautiful game has quickly become one of the most attractive and popular games on Google Play with an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0. Now you can watch the game trailer video first and then download the latest version of this masterpiece game from the Usroid download box.

1 – The original and free version of the game is incomplete; we have unlocked the paid content in the mod version and the full version is available for free.
2 – The game language is set to Russian by default; change the language to ENGLISH from within the game.