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Since the creation of the Internet, the idea of ​​using it for education has occupied the minds of many. At first, when the Internet was not yet widespread, the implementation of this idea seemed like an impossible dream, but later, with the spread of the Internet and the emergence of various technologies for providing content on the Internet, the way to implement this idea was paved enough. Various sites were created that provided users with a variety of tutorials in the form of video clips or interactive software. These sites became very popular and were able to help millions of people learn new skills. In this way, education was taken out of the monopoly of universities and other educational centers and everyone was able to access it. There is no need to go to university to learn to do specialized work, and anyone can learn any specialized skill at home, at a very low cost, and even receive a certificate of proficiency for it. CloudMosa is one of the companies with a history of internet that offers various tools such as internet browser, operating system and…. will pay. The company decided to make access to online training easier than before. That’s why he created an app that provides a wide range of different tutorials to its users. Today we are at your service with this application.Puffin Academy is an application for accessing a huge set of online tutorials for the Android operating system developed by CloudMosa, Inc. Developed and published for free on Google Play. This app is essentially a fast browser with Flash support created for students, teachers and parents. The content in this program is prepared by content creators and sent to the program developer, after receiving approval, will be included in the program and will be available to everyone.

Some features and capabilities of Puffin Academy Android app :

  • Free for all users and content providers
  • Provide free access for all educational content providers
  • Can only be used for educational websites
  • Educational content providers must apply for verification, after verification, the content will be available to all users
  • Incredible speed and flash support
  • Experience using a full browser
  • Support for Flash content and videos on Android devices
  • Suitable for students, teachers and parents
  • No ads
  • Content lasts forever
  • Use the app without having to register or enter information

Puffin Academy application is a useful and practical educational tool for all children and teachers, which with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to receive a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free , without any ads .

Changes in version v8.3.0.41384 : 

* Update rendering engine and fix bugs and program problems


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