Puffin Web Browser v9.7.2.51367 – Fast and secure browser application Puffin Android Common
and full version of the program worth $ 1.49

Puffin Web Browser is a fast and secure browser developed by CloudMosa Inc. and published on Google Play. The speed with which we access web pages is directly related to our browser. If you look at other operating systems, especially Windows, the two browsers Google Chrome and Firefox are at the forefront, and with the services they provide to their users, the number of their users is increasing day by day. Although this popularity is only seen in Windows, and despite the Android versions, many users do not use them in their smartphones. According to published statistics, Puffin is the fastest Android browser. A fast browser that uses cloud resources to provide a stable connection for its users. When we connect to a website, in case of any internet problems, the page we want may be incompletely loaded; But having Puffin Web Browser with cloud resources eliminates any problems in this area and ensures that you will have a very stable connection while browsing. The satellite system used intermittently encrypts the information and does not allow hackers to access users’ personal information. Even if you use public Wi-Fi networks, this information is transmitted encrypted and there is no need to worry about it. To enjoy a fast download without any speed limit, first save your favorite file to Puffin cloud servers and reload it at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Puffin Web Browser Android app:

  • Very high speed in browsing pages with the benefit of cloud technology and loading step by step
  • Compress web pages for very low data consumption
  • Full support for Adobe Flash Player
  • Ability to upload your favorite files to Poufin cloud and dedicated servers
  • Stable connection to servers without any interruption
  • Information encryption to protect users’ privacy
  • Theater mode for videos or flash games on any website
  • Color themes for toolbars and sidebars
  • The fastest JavaScript engine of all Internet browsers
  • Ability to browse websites anonymously
  • Support for desktop views of various sites
  • Leave virtual pads and gamepads

The Puffin Web Browser app has been released for free by its developer for $ 1.49 with a set of features and special features. Now you can download the latest shared version without any restrictions on accessing the features of the popular Usroid website .

Note: The paid version of this browser is also available on the site.


Puffin Web Browser