Pull Her Out v1.3.7 + Mod – Fun puzzle game “Save the Jewel Hunter” for Android
Normal version + mod version (unlocked + Unlimited money) separately 
Tested with offline performance

Pull Him Out is an interesting, fun and at the same time very simple puzzle game from Lion Studios. This game is developed for free and is available on Android Play for Android users around the world. Usroid has prepared a new version of this game at the same time as it was released, along with a modded version of it, so that you can experience another fun and puzzle game. Lion Studios is one of the successful game development studios that in recent years has produced and released interesting games such as Big Big Baller, Flip Trickster – Parkour Simulator, Love Balls, Happy Glass and Slap That – Winner Slaps All. Pull Him Out is another fascinating game from this developer that, although it has a relatively different style and context from other games of this developer, but its nature and generality, like most of these games, is fun and entertaining. In Pull Him Out, you play the role of a hunter who, on a normal day and while exploring the forest, inadvertently finds a small box that falls from a tree on his head. Inside the box is nothing but a map of a large mine of precious treasures and jewels located near the three pyramids of Egypt. Our story hunter prepares himself very quickly for an adventurous journey and reaches the point marked on the map.


Pull Him Out


In Pull Him Out, you are in the role of this hunter. When he reaches this area, he finds an entrance door that connects to an underground world. He enters this place and the door behind him closes. Now the hunter is stuck in this strange and big world and it is you who must help him not only find the precious and lost jewels, but also find ways for him to escape from the unhealthy conditions so that he can leave this area. Escape. In the meantime, you also have to help other humans who are imprisoned in this place in the role of this hunter so that they too can escape, for which you have to find special items and jewels. Style and Context of Pull Him Out As mentioned, it is a puzzle game. Each stage of the game is designed in the form of a puzzle. Puzzles that, if not done correctly, can lead to the loss or even endangerment of the hunter’s life. How to do puzzles is by selecting key-like bars. You must select these bars so that the puzzle is solved as desired. Selecting any bar will remove it, which means that the imprisoned content will be released behind it. How you use this to your advantage depends on your intelligence. But in addition to this part, you have to do steps and missions in other areas. There are usually dangerous obstacles and traps at every stage of the game, so carefully analyze each stage before playing. Pull Him Out has simple two-dimensional cartoon graphics, and the gameplay can only be done by selecting items. This beautiful game is now ready to download from Usroid servers in a tested form.