Punch Bob v1.0.76 + Mod – Entertaining puzzle game “Bob the Hero” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocking all modes) separately
Tested for offline play

Punch Bob – Hero Gate is another interesting and entertaining game from CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio, the creator of games such as Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin, Mow My Lawn – Cutting Grass, Stack Ball – Blast through platforms, Western Sniper – Wild West FPS Shooter, Hidden Objects – Photo Puzzle, which we had introduced earlier on Usroid. CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio is actually a subsidiary of the multinational company AZUR GAMES, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, which focuses exclusively on casual and entertaining games. Punch Bob is one of these games, which has been combined with puzzle elements and turned into an attractive game. In fact, the game Bob Hero has been modeled after famous games like Mr. Bullet and offers a similar style and context. Usually, these types of games are designed in such a way that the fantasy and humorous elements dominate to reduce the level of violence in the game as much as possible. Punch Bob is also one of these games that, with all its humorous features, cartoonish and fantasy designs, is a violent game, and even the game’s creator has designated it for a juvenile rating and does not consider it suitable for people under 14 years old.


Punch Bob


The game Punch Bob is a rough but humorous and entertaining game. The game is about the main character, Bob, who although does not look like a hero, has special abilities, the most important of which is his heavy weight and muscular body. He can teach his enemies a good lesson by throwing himself at them. Bob, unlike many other heroes, does not have a weapon. His main weapon is his well-trained body and high power. Therefore, he can bring himself down on enemies like a destructive weapon! In this game, you have the duty to bring the enemies and criminals to justice in various stages as this hero. The general nature of the game is puzzle-like. In each stage, you must perform the best attack against enemies by measuring the throwing degree and selecting the appropriate angle. With progress in the game, you can find new various items and upgrade the game character. Each stage of the game has an interesting physical mechanism that can be solved in different ways. This means that your enemies may be located in a particular place in each stage, and you must have good calculations to eliminate them with one move. The fantasy graphics and cartoon designs of the game and funny events have all made Punch Bob a fun game for everyone, but again we remind you that the age rating for this game is for teenagers and adults. CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio will show you the game features well by presenting a trailer video introduction. So, if you want to get familiar with the gameplay style and context of the game before downloading it, be sure to take a look at this video on Usroid.