Gallery Vrc20 + Mod Pure new Gallery of Modern Android with the ability to tag images
of the original + copy mode (listed property)

There was a time when every family had a limited number of photos that they carefully kept in photo albums. The photographs were so valuable that they were protected by a variety of overlays. With the advent of digital cameras and the conversion of printed photos into video files, it became much easier to store photos. But with the advent of camera phones and, of course, smartphones, photography became a common practice and the era of photo album storage came to an end. These days, you can see hundreds and even thousands of different photos on everyone’s phone. Many of these photos were taken by the phone’s camera and many more were downloaded and saved from various social networks and websites. To manage these photos, many gallery applications have been created, and we are at your service with one of them today. Pure Gallery Title is an advanced gallery application with many features for the Android operating system, which was developed by the ch4ndu software group and published for free on Google Play. You can easily replace this program with the default gallery program of your phone and use its unique features to manage photos better and easier. With this program, you can tag your photos to make them easier to categorize, these tags can be recognized by other software. It is also possible to view hidden files and use fingerprints to protect photos.

Some of the features and functionality of the app Pure Gallery Android : 

  • Tabular display of images (square or with aspect ratio)
  • Ability to protect image files with fingerprint sensor (for devices with this sensor)
  • Show hidden files
  • Ability to exclude or hide a specific folder (so that the images in that folder are not displayed in the gallery)
  • Ability to cut and edit images
  • SD card support
  • Display images with their creation date as a timeline
  • Ability to tag photos

Applications Pure Gallery  a very functional and a modern gallery with many features that can manage images and video files on the memory device into a modern and fresh approach to take. If you are tired of your phone’s default gallery app, we recommend installing this app. Pure Gallery has just been released on Google Play. Dear ones, now you can download the modded version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

VRC20 version changes :

* Fixed bugs and improved program performance
* The next version of the program will be able to rename files.


Pure Gallery