Pure Voice Recorder v2.1 – Smart and versatile recording application for Android
Purchased and complete version worth $ 1.99 for the first time in Iran

In the not so distant past, recording devices required large devices or various tapes to be able to store a maximum of a few minutes of sound with not so good quality. Advances in technology over time have made this process so much simpler and easier that today, with just an Android device, any sound can be easily stored. Pure Voice RecorderTitle is a smart and widely used audio recording application for Android, published by PureCode. The set of functions available in this startup helps users to easily store all the surrounding sounds with excellent quality. There are three different modes of audio recording available to users, one of the most common of which can be considered delayed recording, which automatically saves the sounds by setting the timer from one to thirty seconds. There are three different formats for output files for each user, the use of each of which depends only on you dear ones and you can choose one of them to your liking. To protect your privacy, do not forget to use PIN codes and protect your information in a special way.

Some features and capabilities of Pure Voice Recorder Android application:

  • Ultra high quality audio recording
  • Receive output with three different and varied qualities
  • Three different modes to start recording audio
  • Smart filter to display recorded sounds by day
  • Ability to search among recorded sounds
  • Ability to add notes to any of the sounds
  • Send voices to cloud servers to access them at any time
  • Protect all sounds recorded by PIN code

The Pure Voice Recorder app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 1.99, taking advantage of its various features and capabilities. Note that this application has not wholesale and perceptions of the website Usroid among the first users will be in Iran.


Pure Voice Recorder