Pure Web Browser-Ad Blocker,Video Download,Private v2.0.5 – Lightweight and Fast Web Browser
Full Version of the Program without Ads

Before the emergence of smartphones, anyone who wanted to connect to the internet and use its services had to purchase a personal computer. This was a major obstacle in the way of internet expansion, to the extent that for decades, only a few percent of internet users were added. But with the advent of smartphones, things changed in a different way. Now, everyone could easily connect to the internet and use its various services with their mobile phones, one of which is the World Wide Web. Smartphones are excellent tools for web browsing, and very good browsers have been developed for them to make browsing easy. Today, we are introducing you to one of these browsers, Pure Web Browser-Ad Blocker, Video Download, Private, a lightweight and fast browser with the ability to remove internet ads, designed specifically for the Android operating system and published for free on Google Play by PureBrowser. This program is designed to provide a fast and smooth user experience even on old phones and tablets. Despite its small size (only a few megabytes), this browser can provide users with all the features that browsers like Chrome have, and even more. For example, it has a download manager that makes downloading files from the internet very easy. In addition, it can remove annoying internet ads and thus save the user’s internet usage. It also has a tool for downloading online videos that allows users to download video files from sites that allow downloading. The ability to save web pages for offline reading and taking screenshots of sites is also provided.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Pure Web Browser-Ad Blocker, Video Download, Private Android app:

  • Very small size compared to other browsers
  • Blocking annoying internet ads
  • Easy download of online videos
  • Has anonymous browsing mode
  • Supports dark mode for easier use in low light environments
  • Ability to save web pages and read them offline
  • Maintaining bookmarks and browsing history
  • Has various themes
  • QR code scanner
  • Possibility of taking screenshots of web pages
  • Powerful and fast download manager

Pure Web Browser-Ad Blocker, Video Download, Private application is a powerful, fast and lightweight browser that provides users with various features. This program has received a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the full version of this program with all its features and capabilities, free of charge from Usroid.


Pure Web Browser