Purify – Improve Battery Life v2.1.6.268 – Battery optimization and speed enhancement app for Android
The original version of the app at your request, dear users.

Purify – Improve Battery Life is one of the top Android apps for optimizing battery life and increasing device speed, developed and published by General Smart Development Limited. With its unique system, the app intelligently detects the number of running apps and optimizes battery and screen brightness settings based on the remaining battery level. Various modes and profiles are available in the app, each of which is activated intelligently based on the battery percentage, and in addition to saving battery, it also increases its lifespan. Unused background apps are automatically stopped, and in addition to saving battery, the CPU speed of the device also increases. In addition to the automatic mode, you can also manually use various profiles and customize them as desired. With just one touch, all background apps are stopped and the amount of RAM consumed by the device is reduced to zero. Also, as background apps are stopped, the notification bar is cleared of any notifications. Additionally, a graphical chart is provided in the app to display the usage of each app.

Some features and capabilities of Purify – Improve Battery Life Android app:

  • Automatic battery profile adjustment based on its percentage
  • Automatic adjustment of screen brightness based on battery percentage
  • Different battery profiles with the ability to manually select them
  • The ability to choose different settings for each profile
  • Identification of background apps that consume a lot of battery and stopping them
  • Identification of unused background apps and preventing them from running
  • Prevention of unintended executions
  • Advanced chart displaying the amount of battery consumption by apps

The Purify – Improve Battery Life app, with over 50 million active downloads, is known as one of the top battery and device speed optimization apps and has been able to obtain a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating among millions of user votes. You can now download the latest ad-free version from high-speed servers on Usroid.

Version Changes:

* Fixing program issues + new features