Purify – Improve Battery Life v2.1.6.268 – Battery optimization application and increase the speed of the Android device
The original version of the program at your request dear ones

Purify – Improve Battery Life is one of the top Android appsIs in the field of battery optimization and device speed increase, developed and published by General Smart Development Limited. With its unique system, this program intelligently detects the number of running programs and optimizes the battery settings and screen brightness based on the amount of remaining battery. Various modes and profiles are placed in the software environment, each of which is intelligently activated according to the percentage of the battery, and in addition to storing the battery, it also increases its storage life. Unused applications running in the background are automatically stopped and the device’s CPU speed increases in addition to the battery. In addition to automatic mode, you will be able to manually use different profiles and change them to your liking. It only takes one touch to stop all background applications and the amount of RAM consumed by the device to zero at the same time. Also, the notification bar will be cleared of any notifications when the background programs are stopped. In addition, a graphic diagram is included in the software that shows the consumption of each program.

Some features and capabilities of Purify – Improve Battery Life Android app:

  • Automatically adjust battery profile based on its percentage
  • Automatically adjust screen brightness based on battery percentage
  • Different battery profiles with the ability to manually select them
  • Ability to select different settings for each profile
  • Identify high-consumption background programs and stop them
  • Identify unused programs in the background and prevent them from running
  • Prevent unwanted executions
  • Advanced chart showing battery consumption by applications

Purify – Improve Battery Life app with more than 50 million active downloads is one of the best battery optimization and device speed programs and among the millions of votes of users has been able to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , which is now the latest Get the ad-free version from Usroid high-speed servers .

Changes in version v2.1.6.268:

* Program fixes + new features