PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition v4.5.1 – Android Icon Pack Application
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PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition is the title of the purple and white icon pack for LineX Android, developed by JustNewDesigns and published on Google Play. If you take a look at the features offered by various operating systems, you will notice that Android users have access to a wider range of options to customize their smartphone user interface. Everything that appears on the display of Android smartphones is customizable, and each element can undergo significant changes. All the elements in the user interface contribute to the beauty of the display, and icons are among the most prominent of them. Icons occupy a significant portion of the screen and constantly draw our attention, and even minor changes in them are noticeable. That is why customization experts always emphasize the importance of carefully selecting icons for a unique user interface. One common method to customize icons is to use icon packs, and some companies have been very successful in this field. One of the best icon packs available in the Android market is the LineX icon pack series, and in this post, we introduce its purple version. In the PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition app, which we know as the white and purple version of the LineX icon pack, you have access to a collection of exceptional icons that benefit from a beautiful and creative design. This series of icons enhances the beauty of your Android smartphone display and draws everyone’s attention to you.

PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition – The Best Purple Icon Pack for Android!

One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of LineX icon packs is the colors used in them. Undoubtedly, the purple version of this package, which has been released under the name PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition, is one of the best purple and white icon packs that enthusiasts of this color can experience. The linear design of the symbols, along with exemplary quality and the designer’s creativity, impresses everyone. You dear ones have access to more than 4900 diverse symbols in this collection, each of which benefits from a unique beauty based on its design.

Frequent Updates

One of the problems that icon pack enthusiasts always face is the lack of updates for the icons included in the package. Many developers, after introducing another competitive program, do not show any updates and cut off all support. Unlike many such tools, users of the PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition app are constantly seeing updates. In these updates, you can see new designs and support for various programs. Additionally, the development team has provided an option for users to easily request the creation of icons.

Support for Various Launchers

All the smartphones you see around you use a launcher. These launchers can be made by various companies or designed exclusively by smartphone development companies. Contrary to what you may think, launchers do not support all icon packs! For this reason, when choosing your desired package, you should pay special attention to this issue. One of the reasons for the high popularity of PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition is its support for various launchers, which allows a wide range of users to access these unique icons.

Some of the features and capabilities of PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition for Android:

  • Access to a collection of 4900+ diverse icons
  • Professional and incredibly attractive design in a linear style
  • Very high quality icons
  • Support for the most popular Android launchers
  • Continuous and frequent updates
  • Access to wallpapers with icons
  • Option to request creation of custom icons

The PurpleLine Icon Pack: LineX Purple Edition app with its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for $0.99 and has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. You can now purchase the latest version of this icon pack from high-speed download servers on the Usroid website.


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